The ICA SF is a “contemporary art museum dedicated to experimenting in public, operating transparently, and embracing constant reinvention in the realm of contemporary art”. Temporarily located in a warehouse, our design work supports the process oriented nature of evolving and changing shows, ideas, and testing guided by the idea of always operating “under construction”.

  • Type Art Museum
  • Location San Francisco
  • Status In progress
  • Date 2022 - current

In the spirit of questioning the nature of a museum, we were also constantly asking ourselves, what do we really need to be a museum? Operating under time, budget, and physical constraints, we designed with a minimal and light-handed approach. Gypboard walls were placed only where needed, leaving the wonderful industrial character of the warehouse intact. A combination of simple LED tubes and clamp lights illuminate the space which allow flexibility as needed.

We worked to create a sense of welcome and informality. Our office designed custom furniture from a palette of construction plywood, lumber and industrial felt, that invites touching and usage. Everything can easily be re-arranged, moved, and repaired, within the space depending on the activity or future needs.

Entry collage 1: The entry gallery welcomes visitors with artwork visible from the sidewalk and informal furniture.
Entry collage 2: Additional art and gallery space is visible from the entry, extending a visual invitation to explore.

Custom seating by Min Design. Constructed of construction plywood and industrial felt, these stools can be easily moved and arranged.

A detail of the reception desk showing the raked sawtooth display for postcards, show literature and small merchandise.

Photo by the ICA SF

Photography By Min Design
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