Art Farm @ Sheldon

Both art work and design work at Art Farm tackle the multiple histories of objects (buildings), reinterpret them, give them new life, new histories, and new narratives.

  • Type Gallery Installation
  • Location Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Status Completed
  • Date 2008

The Art Farm exhibition at Sheldon Museum of Art explored the collision of contemporary art and architecture with the vernacular language of midwestern barns. The project resists nostalgic trappings by juxtaposing new and old technologies and aesthetics.  The project premiered in 2008 at the Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln, NE as a part of Art Farm, a Min Day exhibition that ran from January through April, 2008.  The Shed is now a mobile new media center at Art Farm, a non-profit artist-in-residence program situated on a forty-acre working farm in Marquette, Nebraska.

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Amanda Thatch and Janet Williams

Sibylle Muff

Red Shed Video Lounge

As part of an overall strategy for the sustainable development of Art Farm the reuse of existing materials often involves a radical juxtaposition of new and old forms. The Red Shed is representative of this process and the shared attitude towards objects that emerges from diverse practices at Art Farm. The project is very simple – a repurposed 100-year old farm shed (approximately 10’ x 14’ x 14’ tall) with a “hyper-modern” smooth foam-lined interior. The foam surface wraps most of the interior and is at once floor, wall, seat, bed, lounger and projection surface. We created a tapered slot in the surface to accommodate a video projector and a window. Speakers are located behind the foam along with the projector and all other video equipment (which can be operated by remote controls and accessed from laptops inside via a wifi system). We oriented the projection onto a surface suspended from the roof to encourage a more active and engaged viewing postures. The space challenges users to find their own way to inhabit it - one can sit in an area formed for upright sitting or lie on the soft floor…or find any position in between.

The continuous surface of the interior skin resists functional rigidity, it envelops the audience, allowing users to stand, sit, or lay.  

Interior form optimized for digital projector geometry.

Exploded persepctive of refurbished and new shed components.

Project Awards

2009 AIA Nebraska Honor Award for Extended Use (Red Shed Video Lounge)
2008 AIA Central States Citation Award (Red Shed Video Lounge)

Photography By Photography by Larry Gawel
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