Interactive Components: Cabinetry

Embedded Flexibility


We like to design spaces or features that are embedded with multiple functions. Most of our interactive / flexible designs arise due the challenges or constraints of a project (e.g. the guest room is also an office or the office is near the kitchen and needs to be multi-functional).

Our first foray was the Ninth Avenue Apartment where cabinetry that defines a fairly generic space provides functional storage and separation between various living areas. We designed this cabinet box, pantry, and desk area as a Swiss army knife for apartment functions.  

Soon after, we developed the Fogscape / Cloudscape project, part of an installation for Metropolitan Home Magazine’s showcase house in San Francisco.  This project takes the double duty of guest room and home office and combines their functions into a single elegant solution.  Occupants can hide the bed when the office is in use or hide the office and personal effects when guests arrive.