22nd Street Building

  • Type Multi Family Residential
  • Location San Francisco, California
  • Date 2017

The 22nd Street Building is part of a 250-unit residential development. On a lot once occupied by the Ocean Shore Railroad, the 22nd Street building and public stair project reconnects two San Francisco neighborhoods through a mediation of the city grid, the steep hill, and the historic rail line. At the confluence of the post-industrial Dogpatch and residential Potrero Hill neighborhoods, the architecture and landscape project provides a pedestrian continuation of 22nd street at a location once interrupted by the railway. The private residential development offers land back to the city in order to provide for the public reconnection of neighborhoods following the tradition of public stairs connecting hillside streets throughout San Francisco.

Min | Day is acting as design consultant for the 22nd Street building and overall facade. The project architect is Perry Architects.. Landscape architecture and 22nd Street Stair by Fletcher Studio.

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