BART / Muni Entrances

San Francisco leads the way in changing how we might think of urban space. Our design for new subway entrances along Market Street follows this movement, proposing a system-wide approach to creating place.

  • Type Civic
  • Location San Francisco, California
  • Status Competition Finalist
  • Date 2016

Market Street, the planned but unrealized grand boulevard of San Francisco, has been the subject of community and civic involvement to revitalize and activate the pedestrian experience. Rather than ask ourselves how to make a great head house, we asked ourselves “how can we design a great experience along Market Street?” There are two components working together to form the basis for this proposal: Head + Tail. The Head (house) is a constant prefabricated single module and bolted to a base built on site to accommodate the existing entrance conditions. The Tail is customizable and varies from location to location using an off-site fabricated kit-of-parts. Community engagement will determine Tail functions at each location. Enhancing existing local assets, Head + Tail is simultaneously iconic and differentiated.

A joint venture with TEF Design.


Project Awards

• 2015 AIA Nebraska Merit Award for Unbuilt Architecture

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