Bluespace Omaha

  • Type Civic
  • Location Omaha, Nebraska
  • Date 2013

Cities often promote green spaces – vegetal respites from the hard constructions of architecture, streets and infrastructure – but rarely what we call Bluespaces, zones of social dialog an interaction meant not as an escape from the city but as places where the city can conceive of its collective future.  In response to a public art competition for a zone in downtown Omaha, we propose an urban social condenser, a work that directly engages the casual user and challenges people to become participants and not passive observers of the public realm. The installation seeks to form connections, perhaps fleeting, between individuals in order to instigate a potentially transformative multitude. Organized around a relational ethic, our proposal is a based in enaction and not representation – the installation will be successful because of what it DOES and not because of what it MEANS. The artwork proposes a form of facilitation between people and not a definitive solution to social ills and moral dilemmas. The project captures the potential of unpredictable, casual action to promote social change. The physical artwork itself, a social sculpture is ultimately a minor player in the production of change.

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