Geyserville Residence

Set on five acres, this remodel transformed a vintage 1970's house.

  • Type Residential
  • Location Geyserville, California
  • Area 3,200 sf
  • Status Completed
  • Date 2016

Working closely with the owner, our design included addressing deferred maintenance, the complete renovation and reconfiguration of interior spaces, reconfiguration and replacement of all windows and doors, reversing the interior stair to create a much improved entry, and replacing weathered cedar shingles with fire-proof metal siding. Exterior spaces were re-graded, offering additional seating and play areas.

Dining and kitchen area

Existing wood wall transformed by black stain at the master bedroom.

Windows were reduced and the sliding doors enlarged improve overall proportions while opening to the landscape.

Rollover image to see the before and after images of the living room.

Photography By Photos by Bruce Damonte
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