Saratoga Pool

  • Type Residential
  • Location Saratoga, California
  • Status Built
  • Date 2000-2005

To complete the north end of the ridge-top property we designed a vanishing-edge pool that dramatizes the plinth-like ridge with a gesture to the San Francisco Bay to the north. Subtle topographic manipulation and leveling afforded by the spoils from pool excavation help mitigate the inaccessible nature of the site while still offering the inhabitants a direct experience of the drama of the site. In keeping with the dictates of the house, we incorporated the required features of wheelchair-accessibility without allowing these to be seen as compromises.

Project Awards

• 2004 Residential Architect Awards, Grand Award
• 2001 The Wood Design Awards Honor Award
• 2000 Custom Home Design Awards, Project of the Year
• 1999/2000 Special Award, Sunset Magazine/AIA Western Home Awards

Photography By Photographs by Min Day
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