China Basin Park Restroom

In the new China Basin Park designed by SCAPE, Min Design transformed utilitarian needs into a welcoming amenity experience.

  • Type Park Structure
  • Location San Francisco, California
  • Area 1200 sq ft
  • Status Completed
  • Date 2024

China Basin Park is the new 5-acre waterfront park in the Mission Rock Development by the San Francisco Giants and Tishman Speyer.  Designed by SCAPE, the park’s design embraces the intertidal setting of the site, showcasing local ecologies and biodiversity, while framing dynamic views of the Bay Bridge and surrounding built environment.  Set within an ambitious park design, the positioning of the restroom in the park required careful consideration.

Min Design reconsidered the typical park bathroom to address issues of safety, equity, convenience, and visibility in the landscape. We proposed all gender restroom that should be easily accessible to the Bay Trail beach. Working with SCAPE, we were able to tuck the design under the lifted landscape hiding the structure. Located across from the beach, we deliberately created a high visibility entrance providing a safer experience for all users, while also addressing issues of queuing and pedestrian congestion.  Additionally, our design incorporated hiding the electrical transformer and equipment, within a footprint for a future food and beverage pavilion. 

Min Design was the Structures Architect for the project. 

View of restroom entry highlighting the integration with the landscape to carve out new civic and public amenity spaces along the SF shoreline.

The gently curved walls integrate the entry and provide queuing space away from the Bay Trail.

With limited ceiling height, rounded forms and strategic lighting provide ample illumination and surprise.

Framed view of the ballpark upon exiting


Landscape Architect: SCAPE Studio

Developers: SF Giants, Tishman Speyer

Lighting: PritchardPeck

Photography By Ty Cole, Jason O'Rear
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